Welcome to Traffic Consult

TraffiConsult (Middle East Traffic Consulting, LLC) is a consulting company specialized in providing traffic engineering, transportation planning, and ITS services to public and private sector clients. Since its founding in January 2009, TraffiConsult emphasized the development of creative, cost-effective, and results-oriented solutions to planning and design transportation problems.

We strive to be the most competent traffic consultant in the region and be a client preferred traffic engineering, transportation planning, and ITS consulting provider.

We offer specialized expertise in the following areas:

  • Traffic Operations and Simulation
  • Transportation Planning and Demand Modeling
  • Traffic Engineering Design
  • Transportation Impact Analysis
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Traffic Calming
  • Parking Design and Audits

Maintaining this singular focus on transportation enables us to provide the right combination of leading-edge technical skills, high-quality work, and superior service to our clients.

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